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Since its beginning in 1991, Larrison Construction Inc. has sustained a competitive position by pursuing a very positive business course.

We maintain low overhead, keep hands-on owner-ship involvement in each step of every project, and take measures to be certain that things are simply done right the first time. In this way, we have been able to remain competitive and, in fact, have shown steady growth.

Our construction management team accurately and efficiently helps clients realize their dreams from design considerations, cost estimates, time-frames, permit procurements, site management to closing. We work hard at assessing subcontractors and material suppliers to be able to ensure they meet the same high standards we set for ourselves.

The diversity of our client list exemplifies our capacity to construct professional buildings with equally diverse design requirements and budgets. We are proud of our commitment to building the highest quality professional building possible and realize that the quality of our work is our future.

While it takes strong managerial skills to run any new construction project, from ordering supplies to coordinating time frames with subcontractors, it really takes years of experience to be able to take on multi-million dollar retail renovation projects. At Larrison Construction Inc., we look forward to these projects and take pride when they meet and exceed expectations.