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Not all construction projects fit neatly into any standard category. From subterranean warehouse space to pedestrian walkways at a community college to elaborate ticket offices at an open air theater-in-the-park, Larrison Construction Inc. has been involved in a broad range of unusual projects. While each project may present different challenges, we bring to each project the same ingenuity to solve challenges and the expertise to execute that solution.

The City of Roeland Park, Kansas awarded us the contract to build an aquatic park on a 20 acre site. The project included five pools, pool house, administrative office with changing rooms and the anchor and support system for a 15,000 square foot air-supported dome. Working with an excavator and the architect, Larrison Construction Inc. developed an option to balance the overall landscaping plan with the existing site conditions so that excessive fill would not have to be trucked in or out. Implementing this creative plan is just one example of our commitment to our clients to achieve cost-effective and time-saving solutions regardless of the unique circumstances found in a specific project.

Roeland Park Aquatic Center

Roeland Park, Kansas

$2.7 million

Square Feet:
not applicable, outside venue on 20 +- acres

7 months





Historical Renovation