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The renovation of historic structures requires a sensitivity to the original methods of construction used while mixing in new technology. Techniques used 50 to 100 years ago may be unfeasible in today’s economy. However, new materials and construction methods can be utilized to upgrade to contemporary standards, while maintaining historical integrity. Balancing between old and new is difficult, but Larrison Construction’s experience in renovation brings a confidence to these important projects that many construction companies simply cannot match.

The renovation of the historical Cass County Courthouse required extensive investigation of the existing structure. Originally built in 1897, the courthouse needed to be brought up to current building codes, including handicap accessibility through the installation of a central elevator. Keeping the historical and structural integrity of the building intact while literally cutting a hole through the middle of the courthouse proved to be a major challenge. This was made even more difficult because the building needed to stay open and operating through the course of construction. The logistics in coordinating vendors, material suppliers, tradespeople and the staff and officials who worked at the courthouse was a daunting challenge, but one we accomplished well.

Cass County Courthouse

Harrisonville, Missouri

$500,000 plus

Square Feet:

Construction Time:
5 months






Historical Renovation